Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Whole New World

Maeve has decided that she only likes the crate when its open. The first night, yes, was good. The second...not so much. I can't quite give the details. I didn't have puppy duty. I caught up on my sleep from the first night :) Let's just say, that overall, it was a rough night.

Maeve had a longer car ride today--driving to Eden Prairie. She whined, and yelped, all the way there. And all the way back. She kind of is beginning to sound like a rooster. Boy, that girl can bark.

She's pretty much been doing a lot of sleeping. It's adorable when she gets an energy burst and is frisky. We have a "frisky ball" that she absolutely loves. It's a plasic ball with a shiny spinning thing in it. She pushes it around with her paws, its crazy and adorable.

Maeve would love side salads if she were human. She has taken it upon herself to trim the lawn. Grazing, like a cow.

Maeve is still itching her collar, but not trying to get it off. We'll be playing in the yard, and she'll just all the sudden sit, and itch her collar. Sometimes we help her itch, and she cranes her neck back and tilts her head, all adorable.

Her new nap spot has been under the bench. We've cleared out the flip-flps she has dug her teeth into and made room for her. All we have to do is put a "puppy pacifier" [frozen water bottle, for those who don't know] under the bench and she'll curl up next to it.
On the topic of water, Maeve loves her water dishes. Sometimes she'll sleep with one of her body parts in it, or next to it. She's also thoroughly enjoying playing in her water dishes. At first, she'll dip her paws in it. Then, she'll start digging in it. The excitement buids and soon, the entire water dish is all over the floor. Believe me, it's a whole lot cuter when it's outside!

Maeve is pretty mischievious though. She just has that look in her eye. If she wasn't so cute, she'd get away with a lot less :)

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Anonymous said...

You can sure tell that Beckham is a sibling. We have exactly the same things and patterns going on. Thanks for doing the blog!