Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Welcome To The Family

My mom named her.
We think it's a beautiful Irish name.
It means intoxicating
[intoxicatingly cute]

My name is Caitlin, and my family is training our second service dog. Our first dog, Cosmo, just graduated in May.

We got Maeve yesterday at 3:30. If you followed Maeve's mom's blog, [www.tigaslitter.blogspot.com], Maeve is "Spots". In all honesty, we were pretty shocked when we were handed a female puppy. We didn't have any good names for a girl. We wanted a boy to name Midas...but maybe that will happen with the third dog...if there will be. I hope. Eileen must have noticed the look of shock on our faces, because after, she said "You guys okay with a girl?". Yes, Eileen, we are. :)

Maeve had very litte time to settle in before there was the first visitor. The first visitor was our next door neighbor, who is going into 6th grade. He didn't really understand the concept that the puppy didn't know any commands. Shocker, right? Maeve also met my aunts, and their dogs, who are older (10 and 8, I believe). Maeve wasn't quite sure what to make of them. My mom's boyfriend also came over, and thought that we should name her Mathilda. Ick.
We ate dinner outside, with Maeve, who seems to already like plate surfing. She epecially enjoyed cleaning up spilled Fresca. For a moment, we debated naming her Fresca. That bird didn't fly too well.

Mom started clicker training last night. Mom's pretty proud.

Everyone, I'm sure, is dying to know how the first crated night away from "the pack" went. Good, acutally. I was the one who volunteered to loose as much sleep as the puppy wanted to deprive me of. She was wonderful, compared to Cosmo, who yelped for four FULL nights(during the school year!!) Maeve slept from 11:30-4:45. Not too bad, I guess.

This morning, I caught up on my sleep, and when I woke up, we went outfit shopping for Miss Maeve. Cosmo's old blue collar and leash gave everyone the assumption that she was he. We quickly fixed that after a trip to 3 different pet stores to find the perfect hott pink collar. We also made her ID tag. It's cute. It's a heart. <3.

As I blog, she is outside, in the backyard, sleeping in her open crate, cuddling with a big beanie baby. It's pretty cute. She likes her crate. Judy, was Spots the one who liked the crate??
We are enjoying our new family member very much :) I will post pictures later.


Julie said...

Maeve - Good luck with your training! Pico says that the first rule of being a successful service dog is you should always sleep whenever you can. Mostly sleeping through the night is a good start!

Julie dogbodylanguage.blogspot.com
and Pico The Adventures of Pico
Service Dog Team

Tiga said...

Caitlin, I am so glad you are going to blog Maeve's training. If it is okay with you I will put a link to your blog on Tiga's litter blog. Glad to hear the first night went pretty well. Yes, Spots was one of the puppies who liked to be in the crate. All of the girls did and not one of the boys. Aren't you glad you got a girl!

Anonymous said...

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