Friday, June 22, 2007

Hi, [I think] My name is Maeve

Last night, we went to Maddy's soccer game. Very exciting. Maeve loves to watch the ball go back and forth for an entire one of her attention spans [47 seconds...if even!]. As always, soccer games are a great opportunity to meet other dogs. Maeve and I met a mutt for a couple seconds, before the extremely young handler pulled it in the other direction. She also met Cody, a big black lab who was persistant about humping the little puppy. They played for about 10 minutes before she started to fade. Then we spotted what mom calls a "cousin". There was another 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy there too, named Wilson. Wilson was very interested in playing with her. Maeve, on the other hand, was far from interested...until Wilson bit her neck. She let him have it. She wasn't going to take that puppy's crap :)

On the training part of the excursion, we practiced recalls. She's getting pretty good at them. I'm proud of her. I also practiced her "sits". I just got back from babysitting, so I didn't spend all day with her, but she had a good night.

We are going out to get a digital camera [finally. film is outdated.] so that I don't have to send pictures from my phone to email, save to computer, send to photobucket and to the blog. It makes life simpler. There will be TONS of pictures very soon!!

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