Saturday, December 1, 2007

Princess Pillow

When Maeve rides in the car, she cannot just ride like any other pooch. We put two purple pillows where she usually lays, so when she jumps in the car, she immediate curls up onto the pillows. She's such a darling!! :)

Maeve meets the Snoop Dogg

A couple weeks ago, Maeve got to meet Mr. Cosmo, the first dog that we trained. It was very good to seem and he looks excellent!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Aside from hanging out with the pumpkins, Maeve and my mother are going to be bumble bees at work =) There will definitely be pictures from that! Hah!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Seeing Double

Miss Maevey has company this weekend!! Maeve's sister, Ivy, is spending the weekd with us. They are constantly playing and it's pretty crazy...but I think that they've finally tuckered themselves out. It's very funny when whatever Ivy picks up Maeve all the sudden has to have. When I gave them ice cubes, Maeve, the Ice Princess of the world (who come running when the freezer opens) finishes hers immediately and then goes over and just takes Ivy's away from her. So I put a coupld ones on the floor for them and i think Ivy finally got at least one.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Well Syled Chick

Of anything to have for a favourite chew toy, she loves the purple plastic comb. Of course, now she can't use it for her grooming, but maybe she thinks she is grooming her little soon-to-be-big toophers.

She also likes the ice cream scoop. She knows that she is going to be spayed and that the only men in her life are Ben and Jerry :)

P.S. Sorry all the pics are old. I felt guilted by everyone saying that they check the blog and I haven't been keeping up. I didn't realize how many people acutally kept up with it! Maybe people should leave comments? ;) hah I tried but I grabbed the wrong camera cord. So please bear with me with school starting and my lack of internet at my mother's house.

Some Little Kid Has A Broken Heart

While walking Maeve one day on a not so hot day in August, we found an orange ball. She was very interested in it. So, I made a bargain. If she would carry it home, she could have it, and some little child would have to go without. And carried it home she did.

hahha notice her little puppy stretching froggy legs :) it would be adorable if she did it forever :)

Where Are The Dog Days of Summer?

Where has summer gone? It seems like it wasn't too long ago that we got the Little Miss, and we spent the hot days outside with her drinking lemonade...and today when I was at the Fall Into The Arts fair in Edina, I had goosebumps! I
Here is an picture of Maevey from earlier this summer when she was being precious (...well that is a lie. She is always precious. :] ) while laying out enjoying the heat. I think the first snow shall be interesting :)