Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Think We've Had A Breakthrough

I think we've hit a breakthrough with Miss Maeve. She had a very good night in her kennel last night, and my mom got lots of sleep. Around 2 today, we were going to visit my aunt who just had knee replacement surgery, so we prepared a Kong [the BEST dog toy ever created. Maeve is finally understanding the concept of it!!] with peanut butter and put it in the crate, with a Puppy Pacifier, and a puppy sized nylabone, and threw a treat in, said "kennel" and in she went. Turns out my aunt had physical therapy, and we had to wait. So we decided to see how it would go if we just sat there, with her crated. To our greatest suprise, there wasn't a single peep. She was happy as a clam, with her Puppy Pacifier under her, and licking out her Kong. Even better, there was no mess when we got home!!

Nothing too exciting for her today. She slept nearly all day while I made brownies and chocolate chip cookies to bring to my rapdily[i realize that this is spelled wrong, but it's grown on us.she likes it :) ] recovering aunt. Every once in awhile, she'd stretch, and quickly fall back asleep. I woke her up once for a potty break. Oh yes, we also napped this morning. So a lot of sleep for the little growing girl!

As for the training, we're working on the clicker. Unfortunately, we won't be going to puppy class tonight because my mom has CPR training, but hey, we're no longer rookies and we can just about handle a night without training. She's doing perfectly fine, and it's not going to kill her to wait another week to see her siblings. She's finally becoming our shadow, and realizing that we are her "new pack".

So, since "the mother" is at training tonight, and my sister has soccer and is staying with my dad, looks like its me and the little miss tonight, watching the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy re-runs. Gosh I love that show :)

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