Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Well Syled Chick

Of anything to have for a favourite chew toy, she loves the purple plastic comb. Of course, now she can't use it for her grooming, but maybe she thinks she is grooming her little soon-to-be-big toophers.

She also likes the ice cream scoop. She knows that she is going to be spayed and that the only men in her life are Ben and Jerry :)

P.S. Sorry all the pics are old. I felt guilted by everyone saying that they check the blog and I haven't been keeping up. I didn't realize how many people acutally kept up with it! Maybe people should leave comments? ;) hah I tried but I grabbed the wrong camera cord. So please bear with me with school starting and my lack of internet at my mother's house.


belle's "aunt" said...

Whenever you can update is fine. It's great to check in on Miss Maeve's current goings-on, but as someone who also blogs, I know it can be hard to keep up with it and audiences can be very demanding! :)

Belle's "mom" said...

Nicely subtle hint to the mom for internet!

Check out adding google analytics to your blog - it's a free download and it's great fun to see from where in the world people have accessed your blog. I see a future geography/communications homework assignment already completed!