Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some Little Kid Has A Broken Heart

While walking Maeve one day on a not so hot day in August, we found an orange ball. She was very interested in it. So, I made a bargain. If she would carry it home, she could have it, and some little child would have to go without. And carried it home she did.

hahha notice her little puppy stretching froggy legs :) it would be adorable if she did it forever :)


Anonymous said...

Caitlin...............your blog site is fabulous!! We enjoy checking in!!We hope your classes are going well this fall!!Maeve is so cute. Cosmo sends his love to you all!!! Oh.....the orange ball....sweet......finder's they say!! Happy Fall!!

XAgirl said...

My servicedog Alehe is ten, and yes she still has the 'froggy legs'.